Lymphadema Care Support Services

Is your compression wear not lowering the swelling?

Offering the following care associated with Lymphadema:

-Relief of swelling and water retention

-Chinese herbal treatments

-Nutritional support and guidelines

-Home and self-care education for you to have with you at all times.

-Lymphatic Massage Service

Stop your suffering and  start healing today?


*information from the Mayo Clinic


This a speciality massage advanced education required for proper form visit for more information on this unique technique.

Simplified it treats the unwanted swelling associated with Lymphadema with a very specialized light touch massage technique that prevents damage to the tissues and re-directs the flow of the lymph. The practitioner re-directs the flow by directing the fluids to collateral lymph vessels to channel the lymph into the abdominal area. The benefits include:

• Removes metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules, and foreign substances from the tissues
• Helps the body heal more quickly from oedmea, chronic conditions, surgical trauma, and injuries
– Reduce swelling from injuries, surgeries and many other diseases
• Reduces scar formation
• Strengthens the action of the immune system
• Relaxes the nervous system and relieves stress
• Reduces pain using gentle and precise massage

Mayo Clinic: Lymphadema treatments: Massage