imageAfter trying six different acupuncturist in Austin, I met April Chang in 2005 through one of my students.  I have loved her techniques and methods of healing since.  Unlike all the previous acupuncturists i had tried, who only treat you on one side of the body, front or back, or simply in a localized area, April treats you from head to toe, front and back.  She stays with you throughout the whole hour of treatment, giving you an incredible healing massage, front and back, once she removes needles.  After my regular monthly acupuncture treatment, I feel energized, renewed and healed.  April has treated my whole family for joint pain, Labyrinthitis, cysts, allergies and for the upkeep of our health.  I highly recommend April Chang and consider her the best acupuncturist I have ever had.  I feel very blessed to have found April Chang and highly recommend her as an acupuncturist and massage therapist. -Deidre Kateri Aragon, Founder and Director of Live The Language.  Need more information?


April, you have helped me so many times, when I had migraine headaches, upset stomach, especially one time when I had spasm of low back, lying on the floor, could not move,  you came to me and gave me an acupuncture/massage treatment. Afterwards, I was able to get up and function.  I  was planning to get a EMS to go to hospital if you were not available. Due to that and the following treatments, i avoided surgery and pain pills.  You are the best doctor I have.  Thanks for being in my life. -Vicki Lee


I was referred to April Chang by my oncologist when I suffered from nausea and vomitting due to chemo back in 2007.  After I tried acupuncture/acupressure from April Chang, nausea and vomiting did not happen.  So I got acupuncture from April every week after chemo.  April’s treatment has helped me tremendously so i was able to  finish chemo, to have an appetite, and be in remission. I can’t imagine what I will turn out without April’s treatments.

Thanks, April with all my heart. – Judith W., CEO


I had suffered so much by allergy that i had to get steroid shots for some years. After I had acupuncture treatment by April Chang, for the first time in years, I did not have to get steroid shots, I was feeling so much better. Now i still go to April to get acupuncture treatments for allergy, to keep me from getting sinus infection, from allergy attack, so I can cruise along the allergy season.

– Steven Champagne, IT manager


I’ve received acupuncture from April Chang, and I did feel an immediate improvement.  April also prescribed Chinese herbs for bronchitis, and they cleared up the congestion quickly and thoroughly.  I find April to be knowledgeable, competent and compassionate.  I will use her valuable services again.

Marshall, Software Engineer