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Seeking a solution when western doctors and/or medicines have failed you?

Ready for a Natural and Gentle Remedy, that’s been around for thousands of years, for your…..

*Pain Relief?
(back pain, headache, migraine, etc)
*Allergy Relief?
*Emotional Relief?
(Stress, Anxiety, Depression)
*Lymphedema, water retention relief?(diagnosed or pre or post surgery/trauma)
*Cancer treatment support?

And many more issues you can resolve, see our services for more information….

Featuring April Chang, L.Ac, R.M.T., Cert. MLD

April Chang, L.Ac, R.M.T., Cert. MLD Therapist

Hi! I am April Chang.  Owner of ATX Acupuncture and Massage.

I have practiced healing for over 23 years.  Started Massage Therapy in 1993.  Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine in 2003. And Certified by Vodder specializing in  Lymph Drainage as well as reflexology massage.


Located at 11851 Jollyville Suite #103 Austin, Texas 78759

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